First blog post in yonks…

As anyone who has looked at this page will have gathered, I am not a natural “blogger”. That said, I do like to think that my clients know that they are welcome to pick up the phone and give me a call.

I am generally quite busy though, especially as I am now a proud father (since May 2018). Never a dull moment! A combination of managing my business, trying to be a good dad and husband generally keeps me “out of mischief” although I still manage to find time to play some music which has been favourite pastime for longer than I care to admit.

What has prompted this blog is that I have recently had my website updated by Des Gregory. Not a radical overhaul in terms of content or presentation, although the presentation has been refined. More the “techie” stuff that needs doing and makes it work better. Thank you Des! Pam Wright who originally set up my website has moved to Wales for the goodlife – hope you are enjoying life Pam and thanks for your help.

Back to more boring stuff….. Organisations that are VAT registered will probably have heard about “Making Tax Digital”. I don’t think that this will have much of an impact on such organisations, especially if they are using a cloud-based accounting package which should take care of this. For other organisations, it may be necessary to use bridging software to translate their VAT workings into HMRC’s website.