My first blog post

Well, this is my first ever blog post. I never thought I was going to be a natural “blogger”, but I’m aiming to use this facility to post information about my business and also links that my clients may find useful.

I have been freelance for about a month now and have mostly been setting things up (like this website), and also networking. Recently, however, I started to do some actual accountancy which was something of a relief (not many people can say that!). So far I have enjoyed the experience of being self employed, although as expected, this hasn’t been without its challenges, but so far so good.

Tomorrow I’m teaching a course aimed at treasurers of food coops and similar small organisations about bookkeeping and other issues they should consider. I have done a fair bit of preparation for this so am really looking forward to it (nothing worse than being underprepared for these type of events).

I am renting a desk on a part time basis in the Green Fish Resource centre which is proving to be a good move, the other people who work here seem to be very nice, and it feels great to get out into Manchester. I practiced the course I am teaching tomorrow on a small number of the tennants of the Green Fish Centre last week. This was certainly useful for me and it seemed to be useful for attendees too, I love “win, win” situations like that.  Here is a link to the Green Fish Resource Centre’s website.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading