Welcome (continued)

It is not uncommon for a small, charitable organisation to have limited access to staff that have any experience of accountancy. Such organisations can have an aversion to finance and sometimes find accountancy (and even accountants!) quite frightening. Furthermore, accountants, in common with other professionals, can have the irritating habit of using complicated jargon. I am sympathetic to the needs of such organisations and I always try to explain things in a clear, uncomplicated manner, and I deliver effective, practical support. You can find out more about the range of services that I offer here on the web site.

I also aim to provide a cost effective service. I would rather train my clients in basic financial management, than have to sort out the same messy problems year after year when preparing their accounts. This approach saves clients money whilst adding useful skills to the staff portfolio. In addition, I am not VAT registered, which means that there is no VAT to pay on top of my fees. VAT, more often than not, is a significant additional cost for small charities and Social Enterprises.

I am a sole trader with no members of staff and I am not seeking to grow my practice to the extent where I need to employ other people. I do have a broad range of experience gained by working with Charities and Social Enterprises, but inevitably issues will arise that are outside my area of expertise, for example in some of the more specialist areas of taxation. I have a network of contacts that I consult when such problems arise, which means that I can offer you a comprehensive service.

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